The Code of Conduct aims to ensure reliability and sustainability in business. In addition to defining guidelines for professional behavior, this instrument seeks to ensure that all employees and outsourcers of BO Paper comply with the ethical working standards and all applicable laws and regulations. The BO Paper Group seeks to constantly work on its values supported by the trio of TRANSPARENCY in the relationship with internal and external teams - suppliers, customers and society; HONESTY, with an ethical, responsible and transparent attitude, and COOPERATION, directing the focus to the accomplishment of its mission in the business and the scope of its vision.

Diversity & Inclusion

The inclusion policy of the BO Paper Group ensures the right to equal opportunities for people with disabilities, facilitating their inclusion in any work environment. In practice, the necessary adjustments are made to enable employees to perform well in all sectors of the company. Likewise, BO Paper does not accept discrimination or prejudice of any nature among its employees, consultants and business partners in relation to race, religion, age group, gender, political conviction, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation or physical condition. It is paramount that colleagues demonstrate tolerance and mutual respect.


Health and Safety are part of the culture of the BO Paper group. The company applies preventive measures and continuous improvement to comply with legal standards, in addition to maintaining permanent training programs in various sectors. In its internal policy, it encourages employees to analyze and control risks in favor of a safe and healthy work environment. This attitude is advocated within our facilities and with our business partners.