A story can be materialized on paper, which contributes to the appreciation of art. With softness to the touch and a strong Body and Opacity, BOok Ivory is an OFF-WHITE Eco Paper for books that allow high productivity to the graphical editor during the printing process. Besides not compromising printability and machinability in the graphical process, this paper is visually comfortable to the reader.

Printing System: Offset Heatset and Coldset

Weights: 65g/m2, 75g/m2, 85g/m2

Applications: Books, Manuals, Special Publications, Calendars and Notebooks

Formats: Reels, Skids and Reams conjugated up to 5200mm



Bold: Rustic surface with high bulk (bond paper)

Slim: Soft surface with a soft touch and less full-bodied

Cold: Rustic surface with high bulk and intended for Coldset printing

Ecological paper suitable for high-performance prints for their excellent printability and machinability. Its soft touch elevates the reading and writing experience to a higher level. Eco-friendly from the origin, it consumes 50% fewer trees, 40% less water and yet delivers excellent whiteness, printing and writing surface, opacity and strength. The ideal combination between the TMP mechanical fiber and Eucalyptus Chemical Cellulose is found in this paper that meets the most demanding requirements of the commodity offset paper market. Produced from an ideal blend of TMP and Chemical Cellulose, BO Max Eco is suitable for the production of labels, notebooks, envelopes, varied data printing, among other applications that require the Offset Paper technology.

Printing System: Heatset Offset

Weights: 50g/m2, 54g/m2, 63g/m2, 70g/m2 and 80g/m²

Applications: Books, Handouts, Calendars, Forms, Medicine Leaflets, Manuals, Notebooks, Envelopes, Magazines and Publicity Prints

Formats: Reels, Skids and Reams conjugated up to 5200mm

A paper that defies the standards of the printing industry, the BO Lite S is an eco-friendly LWU Super Calendar paper with a matte surface, which provides dynamism to the print. Exuberant, it meets all the conditions to surprise designers, publishers and the reader audience by combining texts and images in a powerful expression when printed.

Printing Systems: Offset Heatset

Weights: 51g/m2 and 54g/m2

Applications: Magazines, Books, Catalogs, Tabloids, Advertising Inserts

Formats: Coils up to 5200mm

The evolution of Press paper. BO Extra Brite is a high gloss journal paper, giving the printing industry a product with the best print result for the reader. It is versatile and enables the editor to explore their creativity. Recommended for printing special editions, commercial inserts, tabloids, publicity materials, catalogs and manuals.

Printing Systems: Coldset and Heatset Rotary Offset

Weights: 48.8g/m2, 52g/m2 e 60g/m2

Applications: Newspapers, Periodicals, Tabloids and Publicity Materials

Formats: Coils up to 5200mm

High gloss newspaper paper that allows better printing results for demands of special publications. Ideal for the publishing and advertising market, it values graphic concepts and texts, corresponding to the expectations of editors, writers, designers and the end customer. BO Brite is suitable for printing newspapers, periodicals, directories, tabloids and commercial printouts.

Printing Systems: Coldset and Heatset Rotary Offset

Weights: 45g/m2, 48.8g/m2

Applications: Newspapers, Periodicals, Tabloids and Publicity Materials


Challenging the technology of the coated paper industry, this eco-friendly LWC low-weight papers delivers the same body and print surface as industry-standard papers. The advantage is that it has a lower weight and a higher yield.
With a semi-gloss finish, BO Lite is an alternative for printers and publishers looking for savings without compromising the quality of the final print. Produced with 100% mechanical fibers and coated with the help of the latest technology, its excellent printing surface ensures the liveliness of the colors with a touch of softness to the reader, delivering exceptional results to the prints.

Printing System: Heatset Offset

Weights: 52g/m2 and 56g/m2

Applications: Magazines, Tabloids, Inserts and Advertising materials

Formats: Reels, Skids and Reams conjugated up to 5200mm

With its excellent print surface, this paper is a reference for applications that demand quality and high performance. Produced from TMP mechanical fibers, which guarantees its ecological efficiency, the LWC BO Press combines its excellent Print, Opacity and Brightness Surface with smooth touch to the final product. The result of the print will be a product with vivid colors, brightness and highlight to the reality of the images, attending to the high degree of demands of the graphical and publishing industry.

Printing Systems: Rotating Offset Heatset and Rotogravure (BO Press G)

Weights: 57g/m2, 60g/m2, 70g/m2 and 80g/m2

Applications: Newspapers, Periodicals, Books, Tabloids and Publicity Prints

When technology and art meet, the result always enchants and surprises. From the materialization of this meeting, the Lumistar is born, a high whiteness COUCHE MWC Paper. Combining the technological efficiency of TMP with the smoothness of Eucalyptus Chemical Cellulose, Lumistar offers efficiency and high yield, adding an excellent glossy and color-enhanced printing surface. With a soft touch and full opacity, Lumistar is an excellent choice for magazine prints, catalogs, and high-end advertising prints.

Printing Systems: Offset Heatset

Packaging: Reams and Reels (Except 65g sold on reels only)

Weights: LWC high brightness 65g/m2, 74g/m2, 80g/m2, couché 83g/m2 and 105g/m2

Applications: Catalogs, Magazines, Publicity Prints Books and Press Prints

Formats: Coils and Reels