Welcome to BO PAPER Brazil!

To be an increasingly safe company to work in and environmentally responsible, it is essential to have people committed to these goals. Our goal in this induction process is to prepare you to be able to carry out your activities in the best possible way, becoming aware of risks and safe procedures, as a positive example for other people.

We count on your performance to promote an awareness and individual responsibility environment together, where dialogue and a relationship of respect and trust are the foundation for our best role: caring for people.

Take care of yourself, take care of one another and let others take care of you too!

Attendance list

At the end of the induction process, all participants must sign the attendance list available on the BO PAPER website. The person responsible for the company must sign it, scan the document and send it to BO PAPER Brasil – Supply Department (Subcontractors Management), which will have 02 (two) weekdays to validate and communicate the company by e-mail.

Important Note - when filling out the attendance list, do not change the file formatting and follow the guidelines available in its content.

To improve your experience, consult the guide before accessing the induction content.

Access here and start the BO PAPER Induction in Health, Safety and Environment now.

It must be completed and signed after completing the induction process.